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The exhibition route
Divided between the three areas of the Home and the adjacent farmhouse, the museum itinerary invites you to discover the places and landscapes that first inspired Leonardo’s work.

In the home, the audio-video narration Leonardo in Vinci: A Genius Tells His Story uses modern 3D technology to make Leonardo and his most personal, intimate, less-known universe alive again. The relationship between Leonardo and the Vinci and Montalbano areas, in particular, gains new life thanks to the several drawings that attest to Leonardo’s frequent visits to these places. A life-size hologram, mixing video, theater and documentary, gives voice to an old and tired Leonardo who, from his last home in Amboise, looks back to the past to recount his relationships and studies, and the events that connected him to this land. 

On the other hand, the interactive multimedia app Leonardo Touch presents the pictorial and graphic works of Leonardo, following several research itineraries to interact with the drawings and paintings, so as to discover every detail in them. 

The exhibition also includes a section entitled Leonardo's Last Journey, where a model donated to the museum by the Italian Embassy in Paris reproduces the route taken by Leonardo in 1516 during his journey from Rome to his last residence, the castle of Clos Lucé in Amboise.

In the adjacent farmhouse, the section dedicated to The Last Supper, Leonardo’s sole mural painting visible today, displays the HD digital reproduction of the work, a 1:2 scale model projected on a wall. The technology employed allows you to explore the painting through two research modalities, a movement and a touch screen one. It is possible to activate several thematic itineraries, such as the iconographic and historical-artistic ones, as well as one dedicated to restoration. 


Reachable by car or by bus, Leonardo’s home is also connected to the hamlet through the Strada Verde (Green Road), an ancient hiking path 3 km long.

The transit on Via di Anchiano, the road connecting Vinci to Leonardo’s home, is strongly advised against buses longer than 12 m.

The ON LINE TICKET OFFICE is available to book the visit and buy tickets. For information write to info@museoleonardiano.it or call the Tourist Office at 0571933285.

The ticket to the Birthplace includes a visit to the "Leonardo and his painting" section.

Stops: Vinci Tourist Office in Via Montalbano, 1 - Parking Piazzale Dent (Anchiano)

Until 2nd May
Every day

From 2nd May to 30th June
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July, August and September

Friday, Saturday and Sunday

From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
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2€ each way per person - ticket on board

Information: Tourist Office 0571-933285