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The visiting route
The museums devoted to Leonardo da Vinci in his home town
From the Birthplace, surrounded by nature, where Da Vinci's words still resound, to the rooms of the Museo Leonardiano in which his studies and his extraordinary ideas are documented, passing through the section Leonardo and his painting proposing a face-to-face experience with his masterpieces.

A combined ticket allows you to visit all the locations of the museal route dedicated to Leonardo in his town.
    Discover Leonardo's works both as scientist, technologist and engineer!

    Right in the heart of Vinci, in the Palazzina Uzielli and in the Guidi Count’s Castle, the Museo Leonardiano hosts the most ancient collection of models of Leonardo’s works both as a scientist, technologist, and engineer. 

    Studies on the flight and on the movement in water, designs of war machines, experiments on optics and on textile machines: Leonardo’s wide interests are all documented in the museum, now hosting also the original section Leonardo and Anatomy, about Leonardo’s studies on the human body. The terrace of the Guidi Count’s Castle ideally concludes the journey, offering a breath-taking landscape on the Montalbano hills which were a great inspiration for Leonardo.

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    Back to the origin of the Genius

    Anchiano, a small hamlet 3 km far from Vinci, hosts the House where – according to the tradition – Leonardo da Vinci was born the 15th April 1452. This historical house, and the countryside where Leonardo grew in the first years of his life, still manage to vividly suggest its visitors the origin of the Genius.

    Inside the House, a full-scale hologram voices Leonardo’s most intimate and personal universe. The multimedia app Leonardo Touch, instead, asks visitors to discover the Genius’ paintings and sketches. The farmhouse nearby hosts a half-scale, HD digital reproduction of the Last Supper, perfect to discover every detail of it, as well as to explore it thematically. 

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    A face-to-face experience with Da Vinci's masterpieces
    Set in the Villa del Ferrale, an historic estate halfway from Vinci and Anchiano, the didactic exhibition hosts full scale, HD reproductions of all Leonardo’s paintings and of some of his drawings, making the visitors breathtakingly feel that they are facing all Da Vinci’s masterpieces, gathered in one place.

    The reproductions of the works of art allow a fascinating overview of Leonardo's pictorial journey, while educational installations and videos suggest interesting insights into the works themselves.

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