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Travelling around the world
The Leonardo Museum often takes part in temporary exhibitions in Italy and abroad, using a special collection of three-dimensional wooden models and videos made by digital modelling experts.
The collection began in 1986 when, during the restyling of the Museum, the increase in new models allowed it to set aside a group of machines for exhibitions outside Vinci.
This collection now holds 36 models, of which 22 produced by IBM in 1952; another 5 were made by the famous model-maker Giovanni Sacchi on the occasion of the Workshop on Leonardo exhibition curated by Augusto Marinoni and inaugurated in Milan in 1983.
The Winch Lift and the Anti-friction Bearings, on the other hand, were a very precious gift from Luigi Boldetti, an industrial engineer and passionate investigator of Leonardo’s technology, who also made other models which are currently part of the museum’s permanent collection.
The most recent models were made in 1991 on the occasion of the Leonardo Maschinen exhibition in Weimar, inaugurated on 6 July of that year. Among them the large Aerial screw is the highlight.