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The Leonardo Museum plays a central and vital role in scientific research and the publishing of essays and educational texts. On this page you will find a list of all the publications on sale in the bookshop operating at the ticket office of the museum.

  • Leonardo and the artes mechanicae
    Product Description:
    Leonardo da Vinci claimed that painting belonged to the culture of the “erudite”, to high scientific and humanistic culture, that is, to the liberal arts. But he also proudly affirmed for himself the higher dignity of the inventor, contrasting it with the figure of the rhetoricians and commentators of ancient texts, thus helping to shape a new intellectual consciousness, interwoven with the still uncertain formation of the knowledge and identity of the engineer.This volume sets out to grasp the historic significance of Leonardo’s work as a “mechanic”, reconstructing its involvement in certain dynamics—played out between the time of Piero della Francesca and the early Galilei —of the knowledge and practices of the mechanical arts. These are considered in their own right, especially within the sphere of activities, of great economic importance for the city, that the more refined Florentine humanism, like that of Poliziano, had classified among the “sordid” and “sedentary” arts: building sites, mills, factories.Within this long-term perspective, the book examines the changes wrought by Leonardo on the main body of knowledge of the technicians, the “practice of geometry”; his awareness of the need for a vernacular lexicon of technical knowledge, shared with Francesco di Giorgio Martini; the novelty of his studies of textile mechanics, not just in the context of the dichotomy between the liberal and mechanical arts, but also within the stratification of the latter; the sophisticated development of various representative conventions in technical drawing and the use of scale models, in connection both with drawing and with elements of theoretical mechanics in the designing of machines. Some new hypotheses are also presented regarding the functioning and use of the building-sitemachines designed by Brunelleschi for the construction of the cupola of Florence Cathedral.
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  • Leonardo's Optics from Alhazen and Kepler
    Catalogue of the Optics Room of the Museo Leonardiano at Vinci
    Product Description:
    The museum tour recapitulated in this catalogue looks more closely at an aspect of his science that is not so well known, but none the less evocative for that: optics - which in Leonardo's time was by no means the science we know today - with the teory of vision, and the experimental method. Vision, for Leonardo, was not only a matter of art - though who can forget his theory of colours, or for that matter the disorienting perspective of the Annunciation? - but primarly of science: science conducted by observation, experiment and invention.
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  • Leda
    Storia di un mito dalle origini a Leonardo
    Product Description:
    Available only in italian

    L'estesa indagine di Maria Chiara Monaco e di Romano Nanni ha inteso narrare la storia delle rappresentazioni artistiche e letterarie del mito di Leda e dei loro significati, dalla cultura classica, attraverso il Medioevo, fino a Leonardo da Vinci e al primo Rinascimento.
    Il volume si apre con una ricostruzione sistematica ad ampie volute delle principali varianti del mito nella cultura greca antica, e dei loro successivi sviluppi nell'ellenismo e nella civiltà romana, portando attenzione anche ad alcuni suggestivi percorsi laterali, quale quello dell'iconografia copta. Muovendo da questa scena primaria vengono poi ricostruiti i percorsi tramite cui il mito viene consegnato alla cultura cristiano-europea medievale: la letteratura romana dell'età imperiale.
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  • A Piazza for Leonardo
    The new entrace to the Museo Leonardiano
    Product Description:
    This book presents the artistic reconfiguration of piazza dei Guidi in Vinci and the new entrance to the Leonardo Museum. An artist’s square, in which Mimmo Paladino deployed all his creative intelligence and artistic talent. It is the flagship of the recovery of the aesthetics and the function of the square in this small medieval town. This work of art is an open-air museum in itself, a special route towards the entrance to the museum halls in Palazzina Uzielli and hence a new urban pole, which has changed the perception of the old town from monocentric to polycentric, from gravitating around Piazza del Castello to a place which now has a variety of open spaces which are full of both meaning and beauty. 

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  • Vinci di Leonardo
    History and memories
    Product Description:
    No book of this type and thissize had been published on Vinci since Gustavo Uzielli’s studies in the lateXIX Century. It offers a complete panorama on the heritage of Vinci. Leonardois examined in the light of the weight of all the memories accumulated byhistory. in his home town; and alongside it, the architectural and urbanplanning heritage,  the ecclesiasticalpatrimony, the interaction between cultural heritage and natural and scenicheritage, the sense of landscapes as an asset in themselves, requiringprotection and careful tending.
    Price:  € 49
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  • Cecco Bonanotte e il battesimo di Leonardo
    Product Description:

    According to tradition, Leonardo was christened in theRomanic Church of the Holy Cross in Vinci: atablet in serena stone records the event with the words that Leonardo’sgrandfather, Antonio da Vinci, wrote in one of his registers. In order toemphasise the spirituality of the baptism chapel, Cecco Bonanotte wascommissioned to make a sculptural cycle to decorate its four side niches and ceiling.In short essays and through photographs, this book tells the story of theconception and the creation of the bronze statues with which the artistrepresented the sacrament which is administered in the chapel. The side nicheshouse representations of events from the scriptures emblematic of the history ofSalvation: The Creation and Original sin,The Annunciation and The Baptism of Christ, The Last Supper, ThePassion, Death and the Resurrection, while directly above the font, thevault is dominated by The Apocalypse, agold crown full of human figures placed in one continuous ring. As a token toLeonardo’s genius, Cecco Bonanotte has created figures of modest proportions,which are light and evocative, and enhanced by the uniform sheen of preciousgold.

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  • Navigare in Arno
    Acque, uomini e marmi tra Firenze e il mare in Età Moderna
    Product Description:
    The Arno was a very important resource over the centuries. Navigable from Signa to Pisa almost up to the present age, the river was criss-crossed by men and merchandise contending with its bends and caprices, currents and eddies, changes in level and sandbanks. With the Modern Age, men of science and engineers such as Leonardo, Tribolo and Buontalenti began to consider the Arno differently, going beyond the specifities of the individual situations in each area and starting to think of the river as just one system, as they sought new solutions to improve its navigability, to fight the dangers of flooding and to keep the banks in a good state of repair, to better exploit the force of water to run mills and fulling-mills. The book illustrates this lengthy process and provides a picture of the complex and fascinating journey, lavishly accompanied by documentary testimony and iconography, towards the discovery of a special relationship with the resource the river represented.  


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  • Leonardo Codice Verso
    Il ritorno e l’andata. Sergio Vacchi Dipinti e disegni 1993-1997
    Product Description:
    In this book, Sergio Vacchi, one of the greatest figures on the contemporary art scene from the post-war years to the present, presents a substantial and hitherto unpublished cycle of works completed between 1993 and 1997, in which he revisits the figure of Leonardo da Vinci and the constellation of symbolic images that have come to be associated with his name in modern times, as a privileged viewpoint from which to meditate on today’s world and the human condition within it. This monograph, the catalogue of the exhibition held in the Leonardo Museum in Vinci and Leonardo’s birthplace in Anchiano (29 May - 25 September 2005), presents the twenty large paintings from the main series of the cycle and some of the preparatory sketches, works which show a surreal return of the Genius from Vinci to our times, creating a short circuit between the elements of the humanistic world of his origins and the cultural landscape of the contemporary world.
    Price:  € 25
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