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Museo Leonardiano, Castello dei Conti Guidi
22 February 2020 - 23 August 2020
February 22th – August 23th
In the prestigious Sala del Podestà of Conti Guidi castel a multimedial exhibition to know and deepen five of the most important drawings of Leonardo, thanks to the application of ISLe (InSight Leonardo).
The exhibition that  is organized in collaboration with the university of Bologna allows the exploration of five of the most important drawings of Leonardo reproduced in digital form, giving to the visitors the possibility of related themselves to the artwork as if they have the drawings in their hands.

The ISLe’s( InSight Leonardo) application elaborated by the department of architecture of Bologna’s university creates a physical space where the visitor is guided to discover Leonardo’s works. Leonardo’s drawings are described, investigated and reveled in several particulars that came valuable much more than it can’t do with naked eye.

The digital device allows to identify in comparison with facsimile elements that deals with the created process, tools and representation methods used by the master.
In addiction some aspects of the material object are appreciated, as paper corrugations and movements, and even the conservative criticalities of sheet such as, for example,  corrosion due to the acidity of the inks.

Thanks to the touch-screen tables is possible to immerse yourself in the famous drawing Paesaggio of 1473, admire the extreme precision and firmness of Leonardo’s hand proved in the preparatory drawing of Adorazione dei Magi and in the famous Uomo Vitruviano and immerge yourself in the vision that Leonardo was elaborating on the art of war represented through the drawings of the square-shaped fortress and mortars that throw explosive balls.

The exhibition is enriched by some edition of Leonardo’s contemporary works from Biblioteca Leonardiana which account for the historical and cultural contexts in which the drawings were born.

The exhibition can be visited according to the museum’s opening hours and included in the admission tickets.

Museo Leonardiano di Vinci
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