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Museo Leonardiano
15 June 2019 - 31 July 2019
The Accordion of Leonardo
15th June - 31th July 2019
The accordion, realized by the lutist Mario Buonconto, is a unique musical instrument, invented by Leonardo da Vinci.

It took 9 years to realized the instrument designed by Leonardo in the Codex of Madrid and preserved at the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid.

Despite some similiarites with the traditional accordion,it is an instrument with a completely different sound. It's sound is warm and soft, similar to flute or organ.

There are a dozon Leonardo accordions in the world, all made by Mario Buonconto. Three are exposed in exhibition or museum (Museum of the Accordion of Castelfidardo, National Museum of the science and technology of Milan, Biasin Concert Hall of Azzano Decimo), others are owned by musicians.

The accordion will be exhposed at the Museo Leonardiano from 15th June until 31 July 2019