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Villa il Ferrale, Vinci
12 June 2018
Leonardo and his painting
Inauguration of the new section of the Museo Leonardiano
A face-to-face experience with all Da Vinci's masterpieces

Between Vinci and Anchiano, hosted in the historical Villa del Ferrale, the new section of the Museo Leonardiano brings together the riproduction of the most important paintings made by Leonardo. 

Thanks to the new technologies it was possible to create copies in high definition and in real size
of the paintings made by Leonardo.The works, are supported by narrative texts, that raise in the visitors new inspiring points of view, giving an overview of the entire collection of Leonardo. 

Inauguration: 12th June, 6p.m.
Toast offered by consortium Colline di Vinci

Leonardo and his painting
Villa del Ferrale
Via di Anchiano, 16 50059 Vinci(FI)

Opening times
March-October: everyday, 10.30a.m.-7.30p.m.
November-February:everyday 10.30a.m.-5.30p.m.

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In collaboration with the Centro Internazionale di Studi e Documentazione Leonardo da Vinci