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With the family
Personalize your experience of visiting the Museum with children!

Choose a guided trail to get the most out of your visit to the museum and Leonardo country, or try out the hands-on activities in the educational workshops with your children! Here are all the options to make your experience of the Museum complete!

  • Leonardo da Vinci scientist and engeneer
    Guided visit of the Leonardo Museum

    The Museum route starts in Palazzina Uzielli, with the exhibition sections devoted to building-site machinery, textile manufacturing machinery, mechanical clocks and the anatomy studies The models on show are accompanied by apictorial history taken from paintings and manuscripts of the time, while animated digital reconstructions and interactive applications help the visitor to better understand how they work. 

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  • Vinci, Leonardo's home town
    Guided tour around the historic centre of Vinci
    The visit starts from the original nucleus of the settlement, the Conti Guidi Castle, where still today one can easily distinguish its walled enclosure and tall central tower withoutany openings, and within the walls the two main buildings which were built later, east and north of the tower.
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  • Walking in Leonardo's footsteps
    Guided tour to the house in Anchiano where he was born via a walk along the ‘strada verde’ (green route)

    Between Anchiano and Vinci there is an old path called ‘the green route’ which winds its way for about 2 km through the wonderful Tuscan countryside, amidst the terraces of olive trees typical of the  Montalbano hills, and which can be walked at acompletely relaxed pace in about 30 minutes. 

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  • The origin of the Genius
    Guided tour of the house in Anchiano where Leonardo was born
    The itinerary starts in the pretty hillside village of Anchiano, on the slopes of Montalbano, about 3 km from the town of Vinci, at the farmhouse in which Leonardo’s birth on April 15 1452 is attested by an ancient local tradition, also acceptedby the XIX Century historiographer Emanuele Repetti.
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  • museumGame
    Interactive book for families with children from 6 to 11 years
    Educational game for families with children aged between 6 and 11 years old.
    The game is available at the ticket office for € 2.00

    Available in : Italian - English - German  - French - Spanish - Dutch

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  • La domenica Leonardiana
    laboratori, visite e attività per famiglie
    Ogni seconda domenica del mese le famiglie in visita a Vinci possono approfondire i molteplici interessi del grande Leonardo attraverso giochi, laboratori e visite animate. Ogni appuntamento prevede un'attività diversa pensata per l'occasione: una piacevole opportunità da condividere con tutta la famiglia.
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