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Leonardo invites you to visit his hometown
With the brand-new section Leonardo and Anatomy being opened on Saturday 19nd November, the Museo Leonardiano invites you in Vinci to enjoy an all-about-Leonardo visit.

The Museum Leonardiano awaits you in Vinci to amuse, surprise and entertain Leonardo admirers!

The Museum’s permanent exhibition tells the life and the work of the Genius da Vinci by showing the true Leonardo. Machines, digital reconstructions of his projects, high-definition, full scale reproductions of his paintings from the most brilliant and visionary creations, to information and anecdotes about his life, everything’s about Leonardo in his hometown.

Besides the Museum, Vinci offers many itineraries to discover Leonardo’s world: from the Castle of the Guidi Counts to the Villa del Ferrale, where the Leonardo Impossibile exhibition is set, or the Birthplace in Anchiano – where visitors could actually meet Leonardo in a very special way – without forgetting naturalistic paths to explore on foot the hills loved by the Genius, or spots and contemporary art installations directly inspired by Leonardo.

Children would also have the possibility to put themselves in Leonardo’s shoes as an artist, scientist orengineer and to live an actual leonardian experience at the Museum, with activities as the La Domenica Leonardiana and the GiocaMUSEO, the interactive book to visit the museum as tiny geniuses.

The opening of the new section of the museum, on Leonardo’s studies on anatomy, is highly expected. On October 19nd the new exhibition area will be opened, and brand-neweducational activities and thematic visits devoted to spread the knowledge on Leonardo’s wide interest for the human body will be launched.

Do you want to actually get to know Leonardo and discover everything about this great, incomparable man? Then, don’t miss his true home: come visit Vinci!